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  • Phyto Peel270

    75 minutes The next level above the Beauty Peel from Herbal Aktiv. This P Peel is a gentle treatment with a unique blend of natural herbs and enzymes that is deeply massaged into the layers of the skin. This treatment works with the skin to strengthen and build the skins integrity to treat skin concerns such as sun damage & pigmentation, aged & matured skin, acne & sensitivity. Your skin can experience a light shred of skin after 2-4 days revealing fresh, plump, smooth and revitalised skin. The Beauty Peel treatment must be performed before having the Phyto Peel treatment.

  • Power Lifting Facial210

    80 minutesThis facial creates an instant tightening effect, intensive hydration & plumping of the skin, stimulating the lymphatic system to lift and firm. A powerful blend of organ oil & Aloe Vera to regenerate and firm dehydrated, aged sagging & mature skin. This treatment is our top end luxurious facial from Dr.Spiller

  • Beauty Peel210

    75 minutesHerbal Aktiv Beauty Peel (BPEELâ„¢) is a unique formulation of a very selective herbs that assist in the skins natural regeneration. The herbs are massaged into the upper layers of the skin to dissolve and supply active nutrients deeper into the skin. Free of chemicals and toxins this natural blend has been successfully proven to aid a natural peeling method to never disturb your skins natural barrier function. Treating pigmentation, sun damage, scarring, acne, lines & wrinkles, redness, open & blocked pores.

  • Ultimate - Collagen Fleece Mask165

    90 minutesThis amazing facial uses a Collagen Fleece mask that consists of a fine fabric of insoluble collagen fibres. They go through a mild freeze-drying process which protects the active ingredients. The Collagen Fleece Mask will improve collagen, elasticity, pigmentation, sensitivity, dehydration and combination skin.

  • Deluxe - Hydrating Mask 145

    80 minutesThis treatment is great for dehydrated and dry skin. The Hydrating mask has a silky gel texture that will immediately hydrate and revitalize the skin giving you long lasting results of hydration. Your skin will feel soft, smooth and firm.

  • LED Light Treatment50-85

    20 minutes - 45 minutes This incredible medical grade treatment is scientifically proven to strengthen your skin cells, promote collagen production and encourages the healthiest possible skin regeneration from the deepest dermal layer. Light Stim works on different wavelengths and colours of light to - reduce fine lines & wrinkles - reduce inflammation - minimises the appearance of pores - tones the skin - increases blood circulation & oxygenation - accelerates healing - provides a radiant glow - promotes better product absorption This treatment can be on its own or as an add-on to any other facial treatment

  • Enzyme Facial110

    60 minutesDr Spiller - Organic, all natural enzymes from an ancient type of grain (spelt) gently remove any dead skin cells. Rapidly resurfaces and smooths all complexions and instantly softening and clarifying the skin. This deep exfoliation is suitable for even the most sensitive skins. This facial is best with our LED light treatment add- on.

  • Signature110

    70 minutesThe Signature Facial is a luscious, relaxing treatment customised for any skin type. Natural ingredients from marine algae and the power of the sea to heal, hydrate, firm and nurture the skin. Leaving your skin deeply clean, plump and glowing.

  • Deluxe - Vitamin C Mask145

    80 minutesThis treatment is very firming while delivering very high concentrations of Vitamin C into your skin which provide normal, ageing or damaged skin with an improved, revitalised and younger looking appearance. It is particularly brilliant when skin is sun damaged, blemished and ageing. It is also an effective anti-oxidant and lightens pigmentations.

  • Ultimate - Anti-Age165

    90 minutesPlumping and Redensifying Mask - This is the very latest biotechnology from Algologie Presqu'ile Anti -Ageing provided visible correction and reversal of those dreading signs of ageing. This treatment helps in reducing deep wrinkles and fine lines, smoothes and firms the skin, achieving even skin tone and texture. Your skin will feel youthful, firm and glowing radiant no matter what age.